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Extra Old  Classico 

Precious Vinegar obtained after over 25 years of aging. The "OLD" Blend is the best expression of all our batteries and a fine example of all fully harmonious and developed Balsamic Features. 

Aromatic Notes 

Impressive fragrance in terms of texture and completeness, charming balsamic sensations, rich and full taste consistent acidity and mineral tones, impressive strength, persistent ending.

Food combinations.

A few drops ensure the perfect match, preferably with a good rump steak or crudites and cheese such as Parmesan ( As envisaged by our Tradition). 

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Traditional from cherry barrels 

Delicio vinegar obtained after over 12 years of aging in CHERRY vats. The characteristics determined exclusively by the softwood of the casks include delicacy, a fruity aroma, and a special sweet note. 

Aromatic Notes.

Good intensity with prevalence of fruit and mineral notes, not weakened at all by the long evolution of the product. Optimal softness and clear persistence. 

Food Combinations

It is perfect on desserts, strawberries, ice-cream, fruit salads and fruit in syrup.

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The special  "must" that results from this process is placed into a series of wooden barrels for aging. Annually small quantities are carefully moved from larger to smaller barrels within the series for more than 25 years. Vinegar is collected every year from the smallest barrel in each series.

Produced in:
Modena, Italy

Cooked grape must of organic Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes
Contains Sulfites
All grapes are cultivated on the farm of the producer

Did you know? PDO stands for protected designation of origin.

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Agrimontana's story is the translation of a journey towards nature and interpretations of pastry chefs and cooks. They are committed to preserving the organoleptic qualities with clean processing, free of dye preservatives, and any other synthetic additives. Candying was their first preparation method of preservation with sugar and after a few years, it was followed by jams and other products, that are delivered in natural and high quality.

Cesare Bardini, founder of Agrimontana says "Only a company that pursues the dream of offering the best of the natural can undertake the enterprise of imprisoning spring and making it available every day of the year."

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