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0,33L BOTTLES, Montana is a natural mineral water that comes from the Italian Alps. It is bottled in a pristine environment, far away from pollution or any human settlement. No treatment of or chemical filtration, just natural pure mineral water, suitable for the babies nutrition. 

Ultra low sodium. Only 0.3

The highest source in Europe, at 1820 mt

Balanced ph 7.4

Small size bottles

Ideal for kids and gatherings

24 bottles in a pack

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Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) is a flowering plant in the amaranth family.  After cooking, which is the typical preparation for eating the seeds, quinoa is 72% water, 21% carbohydrates, 4% protein, and 2% fat.  Quinoa is gluten-free.

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Red Quinoa is vegan, gluten free, also be used as a crudités (raw vegetables). It includes 9 essential amino acids and is rich in minerals and fiber. Also it is a pure vegetable protein source.

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The Unique Carpaccio Of Black Truffle.

Ingredients: Black truffle Tuber aestivum Vittadini 55%, extra virgin olive oil, salt, aroma.

Ideal for garnishing all dishes both hot and cold, it is exalted accompanied scallops and fillets, omelettes, pizzas, bruschettas.

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