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It is the king of the rice. One of the superfine varieties preferred by the great cuisine for the high-quality level. The starch content is rich in amylose making its grains particularly consistent and very resistant in cooking. 

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Chicche is a tasty alternative to the classic Gnocchi, a typical, traditional Italian dish. They were created from the original recipe that combines selected potatoes and soft flour, but the difference is they only take 2 minutes to cook. Their small, round shape combined with the soft consistency of their dough makes them ideal for delicate condiments such as shrimp and courgettes or vegetable sauces, but also for ones with a more distinct flavor like seafood sauces.

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Linguine is the most well-known type of long pasta from Liguria: they resemble a small, flat, narrow tagliatelle-type pasta and were created to be eaten with traditional pesto. It is precisely the flattened section and slightly convex shape of this pasta that makes it perfect for trapping the sauce and bringing out all the different flavors. 

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The origin of Fedelini can be traced back to parts of Liguria and the province of Savona at the beginning of the 14th century with the start of the production of macaroni and tria, also called fidej. They are extremely thin which is how they can still be distinguished from spaghetti. 

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Paccheri pasta is inspired by the typical Paccheri from the Campania region. The thickness, and size of this cut of pasta and its ability to soak up sauces make it ideal for serving with fish and shellfish sauces. Try it with condiments based on tomato sauce or rich meat ragùs. 

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Unhusked rough rice aged for at least 1 year, produced in northern Italy using artisanal methods, It has become the go-to risotto rice for many top chefs, loved for its particularly flavorsome grains and fantastic texture.

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