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This carefully selected blend offers the perfect combination of body,

persistence, and sweetness. The Blue blend is set apart by its

refined taste, powerful character, and intense aroma.

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Caffè Borbone Red Blend was created for those who like a strong, thick coffee with strong and decided flavor, in short, for those who want an energy boost from coffee.

The robust and rich taste comes from a thoroughly researched and recommended dosage of our best quality of coffee.

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Caffè Borbone Gold Blend is the right blend for those who can't give up the traditional flavors that is the taste of the classic but inimitable, Neapolitan espresso with full flavor, nice and creamy texture but soft.

The careful dosage of Arabica quality and Robusta quality, and also the right level of roasting makes this unique and inimitable mixture, just like the timeless Neapolitan espresso.

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It is the king of the rice. One of the superfine varieties preferred by the great cuisine for the high-quality level. The starch content is rich in amylose making its grains particularly consistent and very resistant in cooking. It is therefore ideal for risottos that must appear well-rounded, but also for rice salads and for all the preparations of high-quality cuisine. To be consumed after cooking/boiling

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