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Extra Old  Classico 

Precious Vinegar obtained after over 25 years of aging. The "OLD" Blend is the best expression of all our batteries and a fine example of all fully harmonious and developed Balsamic Features. 

Aromatic Notes 

Impressive fragrance in terms of texture and completeness, charming balsamic sensations, rich and full taste consistent acidity and mineral tones, impressive strength, persistent ending.

Food combinations.

A few drops ensure the perfect match, preferably with a good rump steak or crudites and cheese such as Parmesan ( As envisaged by our Tradition). 

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Traditional from cherry barrels 

Delicio vinegar obtained after over 12 years of aging in CHERRY vats. The characteristics determined exclusively by the softwood of the casks include delicacy, a fruity aroma, and a special sweet note. 

Aromatic Notes.

Good intensity with prevalence of fruit and mineral notes, not weakened at all by the long evolution of the product. Optimal softness and clear persistence. 

Food Combinations

It is perfect on desserts, strawberries, ice-cream, fruit salads and fruit in syrup.

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The special  "must" that results from this process is placed into a series of wooden barrels for aging. Annually small quantities are carefully moved from larger to smaller barrels within the series for more than 25 years. Vinegar is collected every year from the smallest barrel in each series.

Produced in:
Modena, Italy

Cooked grape must of organic Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes
Contains Sulfites
All grapes are cultivated on the farm of the producer

Did you know? PDO stands for protected designation of origin.

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Caffè Borbone Red Blend was created for those who like a strong, thick coffee with strong and decided flavor, in short, for those who want an energy boost from coffee.

The robust and rich taste comes from a thoroughly researched and recommended dosage of our best quality of coffee.

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Caffè Borbone Gold Blend is the right blend for those who can't give up the traditional flavors that is the taste of the classic but inimitable, Neapolitan espresso with full flavor, nice and creamy texture but soft.

The careful dosage of Arabica quality and Robusta quality, and also the right level of roasting makes this unique and inimitable mixture, just like the timeless Neapolitan espresso.

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It is the king of the rice. One of the superfine varieties preferred by the great cuisine for the high-quality level. The starch content is rich in amylose making its grains particularly consistent and very resistant in cooking. 

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Ideal for doughs that require longer rest periods and prolonged leavening cells in a refrigerator. Gluten, a balanced relationship of extensibility, strength, and elasticity is ideal for working in a pizzeria, bakery and cooking by the chef.

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The elastic gluten and soft starch favor the formation of bodies with excellent moisture, light, leavened perfect, satisfying the needs of the best teachers pizzaiolo. Ideal for the classic Neapolitan pizza. Flour produced at low extraction without damaging the proteins. Recommended for mixtures with short rise. Great for a light bread crumb with soft and white.

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